Better Homes, Brighter Futures

Accessible and actionable

We created a new purpose definition and activation strategy for Kingfisher – a major player in the home improvements market, counting B&Q, Screwfix and Castorama among its brands.

You have to break something to make something

Kingfisher’s consumer offer was built around the concept of making home improvements accessible to all. But this was simply based on transaction.

We needed to give Kingsfisher’s world of DIY a deeper meaning. We needed to connect the brand’s commercial purpose with its commitment and ensure the current programme was making a positive impact on society and the environment. It needed to excite and actively engage their staff, as well as their customers and the communities they work with and in.

Drawing up the plans

Kingfisher is all about home DIY, but a home isn’t just about the house you live in. Home is where people should feel a sense of belonging, happy and safe. This sense of home should be extended to the community in which people live. And even to the planet that we need to nurture and protect. Our job was clear; we needed to create an authentic and meaningful purpose that connected Kingfisher with their staff, customers and communities through home.


Building better

‘Better homes, brighter futures’ was launched. GOOD delivered a roadmap that helped Kingfisher re-orientate the business around this new purpose. We also helped them set up a charitable foundation so that all community actions across the group could be centralised.

We brought Kingfisher’s purpose to life; firstly, to staff across the group with a range of internal communications to embed the purpose into every pocket of the organisation. And then to customers and communities through a range of tactical activations.

Building belief

Defining a vision for Kingfisher has helped transform the business – both brand and product offering, opened up new market opportunities and future-proofed the organisation in line with changing consumer needs.

Consequently, their competitors changed. No longer are they competing with Homebase. IKEA is now their biggest competitor.