The Experience Exchange

Strength and substance

GOOD helped ESCADA engage new audiences by developing its brand purpose around female leadership and launching it with a digital content series: the ESCADA Experience Exchange.

Defining an authentic social purpose

ESCADA is a brand founded by strong women and female ‘strength’ lies at its core. They wanted to find a way to reach a new generation of women in an authentic and impactful way. To do this, ESCADA needed to find their social purpose.

More than clothing

They wanted to offer something more than just clothing for women. They wanted to create a platform to celebrate women, sharing the experience of a powerful generation to help others rise up.

Bringing purpose to life

Looking at the brand’s heritage, we were inspired by all the powerful women the brand had dressed over the years and knew this could be used for a campaign that empowered others.

And so, ‘She is Substance’ was born. A social purpose campaign to celebrate the strength of ESCADA’s sophisticated, intelligent audience, stretching to include a new generation of millennial women aspiring to be the best they can be.

Activated via a digital content series

It launched with a series of films as part of ‘The Experience Exchange’ platform, including six women from diverse backgrounds that represent strength, resilience and achievement. From fashion models, comedians and entrepreneurs to sports women, presenters and writers – our line up included Lily Cole, Cindy Gallop, Otegha Uwagba, Andrea Petkovic, Yassmin Abdel-Magied and Deborah Frances-White.

Each film shows our speaker answering the real questions women have, exchanging their experiences and life learnings to help others.

The result was an inspirational digital campaign that successfully engaged a new millennial audience and marked the start of a new era of purpose-led activity for ESCADA.