Pernod Ricard


Convivialité Everywhere

Identity and inclusivity

We helped Pernod Ricard transform employee engagement to record levels by defining the brand’s organisational purpose and aligning their workforce behind it.

From rebadging to reinvention

Initially our brief was to rebrand what was, historically, a decentralised CSR function into something inspiring and motivating that reflected Pernod Ricard’s commitment to being more sustainable and responsible as an organisation.

As GOOD got to work, we soon realised we needed to do more. We needed to create a social and environmental purpose that had meaning to both staff and consumers. Our brief changed from rebadging CSR, to creating a new organisational purpose definition.

Aligning purpose with mission and values

Pernod Ricard’s mission statement, ‘Createurs de Convivialité’, represents the idea of coming together to have a good time. But how could purpose integrate into this to create something human-centric that both staff and consumers would buy into?

‘Convivialité Everwhere’ was born. This offered employees the opportunity to spread convivialité beyond the world of their customers and into the communities and cultures they operate in, working with responsible partners, respecting the land they are rooted in and ultimately – ‘living together, better’.

Launching globally

We created a global launch campaign including a range of initiatives designed to get employees excited and switched on to the new program. A suite of internal communication assets, including a new brand film, wowed employees and translated into a global recruitment program.


Getting results

Pernod Ricard recently reported record levels of employee engagement – 88% are engaged or highly engaged with the company and 96% proud to be associated with the brand. This tops industry benchmarks and positions the brand as a new ‘gold standard’ case study.