Marie Curie



Legacy Campaign

An integrated campaign that asked ordinary people to open up about their Wills with loved ones, for the nation’s end of life expert Marie Curie.

Half of the UK don’t have a Will, and only 16% of Wills include a gift to charity. Marie Curie wanted to change the national conversation around Wills and reach millions of people who might connect with their message of a better end of life. Often, people feel that talking about Wills and end of life plans can be awkward. We needed to normalise those conversations with loved ones, showing they can be rewarding and low-pressure – with the ultimate aim that people might write a Will and leave a gift to Marie Curie in gratitude.

The #WillTalk campaign captures candid footage of friends and partners talking unscripted to their loved ones about their Will and, more broadly, end of life. The campaign reflects our diverse communities and their individual life stories and experiences, including the fact that many people have provided end of life care for loved ones. #WillTalk ran across DRTV, digital, press, social and radio.