Coffee Morning

Stepping up to the plate

Since 2017, we have been helping Macmillan drive recruitment for their biggest fundraising product, Coffee Morning.

Starting to go stale?

Macmillan Coffee Morning is the UK’s most successful community fundraising initiative. They approached GOOD in 2017, having started to see diminishing results year-on-year, to refresh the programme and to convince more people to host an event.

Rising like the perfect soufflé

We have since worked together to add fun back into the strategic and creative mix, employing behavioural economic principles and the playful Coffee Morning tone of voice to create an engaging recruitment journey.

We wanted to ensure the creative captured the meaning, joy and togetherness that makes World’s Biggest Coffee Morning so special to so many. We have increased efficiency and effectiveness across the recruitment journey, achieving an incredible 64% increase in ROI.

Star bakers

Since working on Macmillan’s Coffee Morning, we have uplifted individual pack responses by up to 324%, and have increased registrations by 14.7% year-on-year.

Last year we helped raise £27.5m – over £1m MORE than last year with our tea-riffic journey planning and brew-illiant DM creative – enough to employ 137 Macmillan nurses for a year.