Purpose Personified

An audience-first approach to defining, activating and communicating your Purpose.

April 14, 2021: GOOD unveils latest audience-first Purpose research, conducted in partnership with YouGov.

Globally and across sectors, Purpose is considered a commercial imperative, with 2 in 3 marketers regarding investment in Purpose as the primary path to recovery post pandemic. Consequently, we are witnessing an influx of brands rushing to adopt a Purpose strategy, when previously, many were unsure of its real value.

This impetus for Purpose is people-driven. Our research confirms that 7 in 10 now agree that it is not enough for a business to just make money; they should also positively impact society and the planet. As a result, brands today are under increased pressure and scrutiny from their investors, consumers, and employees who demand and expect better.

But, as marketers, do we really understand how these stakeholders engage with Purpose? And how can brands unlock the value of Purpose by understanding the mindsets and nuances of their diverse audiences?

In this report, we uncover the facts around how people truly engage with Purpose.

We go beyond the existing research to break down the broad-brush consumer trends and, in doing so, we bring to life five unique Purpose Personas.

This report aims to provide deeper insights into how people respond to Purpose, thus helping brands better understand how to connect and resonate with their audiences


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