smaller This article was circulated in an email thread at GOOD today, and it ruffled a few feathers. My mum made me do Race for Life’s Pretty Muddy event with her and a group of her friends. Women who are rarely seen in pink and never seen in tutu’s.

They love the fancy dress element, the pink, the team leader badges, the stupid bopper things on you head… It’s all part of the cameraderie and it’s a uniform for the fight.

The atmosphere at Race is really special, there’s a lot of empowerment, togetherness, support, understanding mutual grief and fighting a common enemy. If you lost the pinkness you’d lose all that.

Also: In the early years of Race for Life the merchandise T-shirts were white with the old CRUK logo on the front. It all went pink later, and I’d put money on the fact the ladies were in pink before the branding was.

So, no. It’s not time to sink the pink.