Reimagine Digital

Lockdown 2020 has forever changed our relationship with digital; how we work, shop, socialise and exercise. For brands and charities, it has been the tipping point that has forced organisations to supercharge their digital offering.

How do charities kick-start their own digital transformation?

Refuse to go back to normal

It may be tempting to return to the ‘norm’ as lockdown eases. But there is a unique opportunity for you to build a digital strategy from scratch. Actively shift your mindset towards digital transformation. Challenge your colleagues and your bosses. And find allies to collaborate and partner with.

Define your vision

Continually assess how you can put digital at the heart of your organisation. Build it into your short and long-term strategies. Don’t forget the bigger picture when you start to look at the detail. Embrace change and continuous learning by embedding a test, fail and learn culture.

Assess your digital capabilities

Review your organisational set up. Does it allow you to accelerate your digital capabilities? Make steps to empower digital staff. It is also worthwhile reviewing your existing products, services and campaigns to consider if any can be adapted to a digital world. Can you responsibly invest in testing new channels, products and audiences?


Be brave and set long-term objectives. Build 3 and 5-year strategies. Consider the financial implications of not investing in digital.

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