Invite and inspire

We developed a multichannel campaign with WaterAid that broke their most ambitious fundraising target ever, maximised engagement levels and drove positive brand sentiment.

Rewriting the rules

Trust in charities is going down, and so are results. Time to rewrite the rules. #Untapped binned the ‘white saviour’ stereotypes and put the people of Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone in charge of their own story.

Mock-up image of WaterAid's name generator for winter campaign

A new fundraising story

From asking to offering. From telling to sharing. And from ‘them’ to ‘us’. Untapped was about the amazing untapped potential of one community. A campaign that dissolved ‘white saviour’ and ‘poor African’ stereotypes in favour of a more meaningful connection between supporters in the UK and people in Sierra Leone.

Portrait of Selu from Tombohuan and mock-up of chat bot used in campaign

An integrated approach

GOOD built the creative for the campaign which spanned digital, out-of-home and print. This was matched by a comms strategy that prioritised light touch engagement over ‘asking’ – inviting people to like, share and be part of the community, so they’d be more likely to want to donate to it.

Tombohuaun female villager picking crops in a field smiling
Villager fishing in a lake
Villager fishing in a lake

Record-breaking results

No pity. No shame. No stereotypes. No begging. This was a proud, modern, creative-led campaign. And it worked. The campaign raised a total of £8.4million. Over half of those that donated were new donors. And WaterAid also had the highest buzz scores of any charity in the competitive set over Christmas.

Most importantly, the people of Tombohuaun – and many, many communities like it – will now taste clean water for the first time ever.

Tube escalator advertising posters of WaterAid Tombohuaun campaign