Save the Children


Sleepless Nights

Fundraising DRTV

‘Sleepless Nights’ is the story of Saadia, a mother in Kenya, who tells us in her own words how her daughter’s life was saved from malnutrition.

Giving to international development organisations has seen a significant decline, so when creating this campaign, we knew we had to overturn preconceptions and show how every donation can help save a life. A common theme emerged in the stories of Save the Children’s malnutrition work, revealing that parents often reported that their children were so hungry they couldn’t sleep through the night. We used this insight to build empathy with people across the world who could relate to the anxiety of being up all night with a sick child.

The DRTV focuses on a paediatric ward, where children are treated for severe acute malnutrition with a nutritious food paste. On the ward, Saadia tells the story of her two-year-old Aisha’s malnutrition and treatment. It’s rare that mothers in these situations are given the opportunity to speak, so it was important for us to create a platform for Saadia to share her own powerful story in an authentic, sensitive and uplifting way.