ATL brand campaign

Find your Jing

As lead creative agency to the world’s most-trusted online fundraising platform, we helped JustGiving to launch their first above-the-line brand campaign.


Driving awareness

Our challenge was to drive awareness of and fame for this tech-for-good platform. This raised two critical questions: awareness amongst whom and famous for what?

We worked tirelessly with JustGiving and their media agency to answer both; helping them to define their problem and identify a clear role for communications: To inspire the nation’s fundraisers by celebrating the feel-good feeling of giving.

Helping the nation find their ‘Jing’

The real challenge, however, was to bring this seemingly simple strategy to life and develop a big brand idea that could stretch across a range of media and messages. Inspired by the insight that many cultures and languages have words for ‘feeling good by doing good’, we decided it was about time we had one too; enter ‘Jing’.

‘Jing’ is a new word for that feel-good feeling of giving. It’s a visceral feeling that every fundraiser can relate to – whether they feel it falling across the finish line of a marathon or creating the perfect bake for a cake sale. This campaign seeks to demonstrate and celebrate every single ‘Jing’ – from exhausted joy to determined pride – and captures the fantastic range of fundraising efforts across the nation.

Multiple touchpoints

‘Find your Jing’ launched September 2021 across TV, BVOD, radio, digital and social. Whilst results are not yet available, we have developed an effectiveness framework to measure the success of the campaign across three dimensions – business, brand and consumer behaviour.