Comic Relief


Unleash The Laughter

Digital fundraising for Red Nose Day

We worked with Comic Relief to launch a digital, family-focussed campaign to Unleash The Laughter for Red Nose Day 2021.

Doomy McGloomy has stolen the nation’s laughter!

To engage audiences for Red Nose Day 2021, Comic Relief needed a digital fundraising campaign to ensure it could still reach audiences that more traditional channels could not, due to the pandemic.

The digital campaign Unleash The Laughter was launched to provide families with entertaining content during the February half-term, and takes viewers on an international manhunt for evil supervillain Doomy McGloomy, who has run off with the nation’s laughter.

To enjoy the full campaign experience, click here.

Interactive fundraising

The campaign features a series of short interactive films, each with an individual mission that requires children and parents to embark on a quest for clues and Unleash The Laughter from Doomy McGloomy before it’s too late.

The missions take families on a journey across the world, from fiery volcanoes to icy Antarctica. They’ll unearth hieroglyphics and crack ancient riddles all from the comfort of home, with the option of making a donation to Red Nose Day, and helping change lives in the UK and around the world.

Integration with a wider campaign

The five digital challenges; Escape The Volcano, Shatter The Magic Jar, Break The Ice, Crack The Hieroglyphics and Limbo The Lasers are available now as part of the Red Nose Day 2021 Funny Is Power campaign.

Help Unleash The Laughter this #RedNoseDay here!