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Reflections on Mental Health Awareness Week

Last Monday I watched Tully, an honest and raw film about parenthood, centred around a mother suffering from postpartum psychosis after the birth of her third child. While some critics have questioned the accuracy of the portrayal of her condition, what’s more important is that the film has sparked conversations about mental health across the

Breaking and remaking 27 years of DRTV rules

Take a look at the NSPCC’s groundbreaking first-ever DRTV ad from 1991 (directed by David Bailey, no less) and you’ll see the founding of a formula that has been repeated time and again for 27 years. It looks dated, yes. But also strangely familiar. We recognise the authoritative voiceover, the price-points, the stats, the imagery

Fashion & the new sustainability frontier

  I was scrolling through my newsfeed last week when I came across something unbelievable. A t-shirt that can clean the air of pollutants? Surely not… Lo and behold it’s true. Startup Kloters are introducing a t-shirt that represents a new frontier in fashion and sustainability. One RepAir t-shirt can offset the pollution emissions of

Newly Wed Royals Demonstrate Demographic Truth About Giving

However you feel about Saturday’s nuptials, Harry and Meghan demonstrated a surprisingly common touch in their choice of wedding gifts. They are both technically part of Generation Y, a happier moniker than the ill-starred Millennial which has become synonymous with self-absorbed snowflakeyness in some people’s eyes. Just for the record, I think that’s lazy, and

For better or worse: where planet, plastic and people collide

‘Can I have a plastic straw?’ Gone are the days when you overhear those words confidently shouted across a bar in central London. We’re all starting to channel our inner David Attenborough and think beyond our drinks to the wider impact of our actions on the planet around us. With campaigns like #strawssuck and Wimbledon’s recent announcement

What can the World Cup teach us about today’s society?

So that’s it, the World Cup is over. The silver living of our football come down is the fact that, for a couple of weeks, a nation united in hope and support behind a level-headed and united team. With over 30 million Brits* watching at least one game, I took a look at how brands

Burst your own bubble

I’m a big believer in trying to see the world through other people’s eyes. It’s an essential skill for anyone working in advertising. That pen portrait on a brief means so much more if you have an inkling of what it means not to be you. I try and do it at weekends, following my

Call Me, Maybe?

Act now or never hear from us again. LAST CHANCE to keep hearing about our offers! We’ll miss you ☹ Sound familiar? If your inbox is anything like mine, it’s probably become deluged by every brand you ever had so much as a fleeting relationship with. Some emails have been dull, but some have been

When is a Fundraiser like a Policeman?

You may be wondering if the pressure of all those May 25 consent deadlines has sent us a little loopy. No, this is what we really asked a room full of fundraisers and marketers. We’d got together in pursuit of an answer to the question: ‘What does fundraising look like in a post-GDPR world?’ In

GOOD Bites on the legacy conversation

We had an absolutely packed house for Good Bites on Thursday to talk about the legacy conversation that the charity sector is having. Or, in many cases, not having. We need to start by acknowledging that there is a problem. Which is that, for all the wonderful legacies left to charities, and the decades of

Are you part of a movement?

If you work for a charity, chances are your organisation started as one. Take a look at your origin story and you might be surprised. Macmillan was run entirely by passionate volunteers for 20 years. Save the Children’s founder gathered a rally in the Albert Hall, shortly after being arrested in Trafalgar Square. RSPCA began

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