The role of Business Director at GOOD Agency is key to our success as is responsible for driving the growth of our clients business and ensuring the delivery of excellent pitches.


You’ll have experience of pursuing excellence in service and thinking and will be aware of the bigger strategic picture to retain Clients and develop new lines of business. You’ll have managed Account Directors and can evidence how you’ve supported your teams development.


You’ll drive projects, work with Planning to input in to thinking but also to challenge and achieve the best outcomes. You will use your creative skills and deep knowledge of your Clients and the market to help achieve the best, innovative creative work for your Clients.

You’ll also need to work closely with our New Business and Marketing Team to turn leads into clients and develop a strategy of how to cross sell lines of business into existing clients.

You will be responsible for at least two Account Director-led teams, who are key to achieving our goals and you’ll have the reward of ensuring they develop and grow within the agency. You’ll need to nurture and coach them to ensure they achieve the highest standards of work in their management of projects and Client relationships and ensuring they achieve income and profit targets and that they’re kept busy and constantly challenged.


  1. The best team
    We want people who put others first, who pitch in, help out, get their hands dirty, and are never afraid to ask for help themselves. We think work should be fun and we want to work with people who think the same.
  2. The best relationships
    We need someone to be a force of positive client and team relationships. Being a partner, sounding board and mentor.
  3. The best work
    We want creative work that wins awards, builds our reputation, and builds belief with real people in the real world. We need you to manage your time, work efficiently, do your timesheets, and spend at least 90% of your time on billable work.

Job responsibilities for Business Director

A GOOD Business Director ……

is responsible for driving the growth of our clients business and ensuring the delivery of excellent pitches.

Your responsibilities include:

Client Service

  • Ensure the team/agency is consistently exceeding client expectations
  • Develops a strong relationship with the Client(s) at a senior level; being perceived as the most senior point of contact within the agency
  • Strong negotiation and relationship building skills
  • Inspires and motivates Clients with the work we are doing and ethos of the agency

Business Development

  • Proactively seeks out up sell and cross sell opportunities, and participates in new business initiatives
  • Prompts development of credentials for key work demonstrating the agency’s expertise, innovation and creativity
  • Responsible for actively growing our ‘shooting star’ (new and most promising) accounts and protecting and building on our ‘Sun’ (critical) accounts and help your ADs maintain and nurture our ‘planets’.

Financial Management

  • Meet/surpass the financial targets for the group agreed at the beginning of each financial year
  • Ensure the group manage projects effectively and meet the agreed KPIs for income, profit margins, utilisation etc.
  • Monitor and manage your teams’ income to mitigate for shortfall and convert unallocated budgets into confirmed projects by constantly looking ahead.

Knowledge Sharing

  • Deliver training via GOOD Academy at least once a year
  • Ensure team attend GOOD Academy sessions
  • Actively participate (and encourages team to participate) in all agency meetings sharing best practice through case studies, Client feedback and creative work
  • Lead and embed new initiatives
  • Be perceived as an expert in field
  • Provide monthly report of progress to the board

Team Management

  • Manage your team to keep them motivated, positive and engaged
  • Manage team resources and reward according to income and profit forecasts and aid flexible resourcing across Client Services department
  • Being a GOOD role model, mentor and coach to the team; ensuring high levels of performance at all times, promote and facilitate development and growth across lines of business
  • Conduct team appraisals on a six monthly basis
  • Ensure recognition for yourself and your team
  • Manage annual leave and sickness within the team to ensure Client service is never disrupted and that levels are within the company guidelines
  • Ensure 100% timesheet completion each week

Creative and Strategic Thinking

  • Understand your role in getting the best out of the creative teams within the parameters of the business
  • Thrive for ways to surprise and delight your clients beyond their expectations
  • Consistently champion brave work and strive for work that builds our reputation and profile
  • Be able to sell work with a clear understanding of the creative and strategic rationale
  • Apply creative thinking to strategic briefs based on insight
  • Demonstrate awareness of bigger strategic picture

Being GOOD

  • Live our values – Brave, Together, and Good

Job descriptions cannot be exhaustive and the post-holder may be required to undertake other duties which will be broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.

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