We may have mastered the art of developing engaged online communities, accruing hundreds, thousands even millions of Twitter followers or Facebook fans who are busily liking, retweeting and favouriting our content.

We have successfully turned our online communications from a one-way, broadcast of information into engaging and conversational online experiences.

The challenge remains though, how do we now turn these relationships into donations? How do we create giving moments with the UK’s 15 million Twitter users and use social media to truly drive value and unleash good?

#DONATE is a platform that creates a new giving channel through social, allowing charities to generate and receive donations directly through Twitter. For the very first time supporters can give you money through the simple act of sending a tweet.

This session will show you how to finally remove the barriers of giving through social and learn how, for the first time, you can really quantify the impact of social on your fundraising.

Come to GOOD Bites on social – your new direct giving channel  and discover how you can unite social and charitable online behaviours into a seamless experience that will help you make money.

The agenda for the morning: 08:15 – breakfast and registration 08:30 – welcome and introduction, Nicole Parkinson, GOOD Agency 09:15 – #DONATE, James Meers, #PAY 09:45 – Open Q&A 10:15 – close

Due to high demand, we’re hosting two GOOD Bites. The first is on 14th April is perfect for senior fundraising professionals who need to know:
  • How will this benefit my fundraising programme?
  • How can I create a new campaign to monetise and grow my social following with this new giving channel?
  • How do I embed social giving into my current activity?
Book your place here. The second event is on 15th April and is perfect for digital fundraisers, content and social producers who need to know:
  • How do I use this platform?
  • How do I build this into my existing activity?
  • How do I help my fundraising colleagues take advantage of this new opportunity?
Book your place here.