Giving Britain

The truth behind why Britain gives.

11th Nov, 2021:
1 in 2 Brits think charities have lost their humanity, says GOOD Agency following their latest research report conducted with YouGov.

The report, Giving Britain, blows open the truth around how Britain gives in 2021. As COVID-19 continues to impact the nation’s giving behaviours, the report provides fresh insight to help charities continue their vital work.


  • As UK charities compete for attention in one of the most saturated charity markets in the world, and against the rise of Purposeful businesses, half of Brits (53%) think charities are too corporate and have lost their humanity.
  • 1 in 2 Brits (51%) say donating to charity is a bottomless pit, with cynicism greater in older generations.
  • The last eighteen months have highlighted the stark reality of social issues in UK and research uncovers that 43% of Brits no longer think charities are the best way to solve social problems.
  • As politics becomes divisive in a post-Brexit Britain, the majority (59%) believe that it’s not the role of charities to take a political stance. People want empathy more than political divisiveness.


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