By Alex Charnock

I attempt to do worthwhile and meaningful things when I can; I take reusable bags to the supermarket, try and get my head around the array of recycling bins on offer and give blood to the British Heart Foundation every now and again (which I tell myself is because I want to do good and not just for the free Penguin biscuits and cups of tea afterwards).
So when the opportunity came up to spend a week seeing what it’s like to do good as a full time job and not just when you remember to is something I really wanted to experience.

I was given a warm welcome at GOOD and soon given my first brief which was for Dog’s Trust. Armed with marker pens and an A3 pad, I set about sketching Christmas ideas for the charity which I later got to present to Lizzie and Anna, a creative team at GOOD. After a busy morning putting my ideas into a deck, there was no rest for the wicked with a culturally eye-opening presentation about Mass Moments from GOOD’s ECD, Reuben.

Later in the week, I was briefed by Elaine from Planning about a project for Make A Wish. Volunteering as an Elephant Keeper at Whipsnade Zoo, I have seen first-hand what a positive impact the wishes granted by this charity have on the children receiving them. So to be on the other side of the coin thinking up ideas on how to fundraise money for these wishes has been very rewarding. I came up with both subscription and membership ideas and got to present these to the team at the end of the week. Shadowing several meetings this week has also given me a great insight into the day to day goings-on in an agency.

It’s safe to say I’ve really enjoyed the week; from the people that make up the foundations of the agency to the big yellow wall with motivational quotes and pictures, the positive creativity that I’ve seen radiating out from GOOD this week has really inspired me and made me want to work in the industry even more.

GOOD's Inspiration wall