ChristianAidMain We are delighted to have been appointed by Christian Aid to revitalise their flagship fundraising initiative, Christian Aid Week, and create a festival of generosity in 2016.

We will help Christian Aid boost support and awareness for Christian Aid Week, re-energising their traditional supporters and making the week more relevant to their dynamic, younger supporters in 2016, transforming giving from a duty into a joy.

By embracing their faith and bringing their challenger brand personality to the fore we want to turn Christian Aid Week into a joyful celebration of giving.

Throughout the year Christian Aid deliver brave and energetic fundraising and public campaigns on important issues, and it is this spirit we want to capture in Christian Aid Week. We’re looking forward to helping them create an initiative which speaks to their dedicated and dynamic supporters and inspires them to act.

Head of Christian Aid Week, Eleanor Ledesma added:

“We’re extremely proud of Christian Aid Week, our flagship fundraising event, and so when we came to repositioning the event we had to select our agency partner carefully. We’re very excited about working with GOOD Agency”