WaterAid #untapped

  • Integrated campaign
  • Engagement & fundraising
  • Award-winning

Rewriting the rules

Trust in charities is going down, and so are results. Time to rewrite the rules. #Untapped binned the ‘white saviour’ stereotypes and put the people of Tombohuaun, Sierra Leone in charge of their own story. A story with highs and lows, that people in the UK could be part of, told through innovative tech and media partnerships.

A new fundraising story

From asking to offering. From telling to sharing. And from ‘them’ to ‘us’. We put the people of Tombohuaun in charge of their story. And they invited the people of the UK to be part of it. Because without clean, safe water Tombohuaun, its people, its possibilities all remain Untapped

The appeal inspired 60,000 people to give, 20,000 of whom were new donors, and raised £4.2 million (which was doubled to £8.4 million by the UK Government). At a time when charities are struggling to raise funds, this became WaterAid’s most successful appeal ever. Good news for them, us, and the people of Sierra Leone.