WaterAid: tap to tap

  • Fundraising
  • DRTV

Breaking the DRTV fundraising formula

After 7+ years of banker-beating DRTV fundraising ads, WaterAid asked us to do something different. Chuck out the formula. Celebrate success. See what happened. So we did.

‘Tap to tap’ was the result of a very different creative process. We opened the project up to the whole agency to generate a flurry of new approaches and ideas. We managed to whittle down 24 brilliant ideas into two to test. Tap to Tap was one of them.

So did it work?

Yes. Tap to tap performed on a par with other banker ads. But crucially, on channels we’d never made work before. Not surprisingly for an ad voiced by a radio DJ, it inspired a younger audience to support WaterAid for the first time.