Delivering a new approach to fundraising

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Chapter one: the sustainable income problem

ShelterBox is a relatively small, highly effective charity that supports disaster-hit families around the world. Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of support comes from one-off gifts in the days after disasters hit the news. But they needed to grow sustainable income to make sure they were ready to act when disaster strikes, not after.


Chapter two: GOOD digs deep

This looked like an insoluble problem, until we turned to audience insight for the answer. We dug deep to discover not just why potential supporters would give, but what they cared about. We discovered an audience with a love of travelling the world, widening their horizons and experiencing new cultures through reading. And so ShelterBox Book Club was born. It’s the world’s first charity book club – bringing sustainable income to the charity, in return for inspiring reads from the countries and cultures where ShelterBox saves lives.


Chapter three: a best-seller is born

Plot twist: ShelterBox Book Club is an unputdownable best seller. The initial campaign inspired over a thousand new members, 140% above target and growing all the time. It’s already showing a positive year one return on investment, almost unheard of in the sector. And with a 96% retention rate, no wonder it’s the envy of the fundraising world.