Rebranding OUTstanding

  • Brand strategy, purpose & values
  • Naming, visual & verbal identity
  • Brand architecture
  • Launch film

Helping a diversity & inclusion leader evolve

OUTstanding is a diversity & inclusion membership organisation with a global reach and some of the world’s biggest blue-chip companies in its network. They’re all about leadership – championing better LGBT+, female and ethnic minority representation in the boardroom.

But multiple offers and rapid growth had started to make it difficult to explain what the organisation did and stood for.

A new brand for a new champion

We helped OUTstanding define a new brand purpose – value different – and bring it to life with a new name and visual identity.

INvolve builds on their LGBT+ roots to link all their initiatives and encapsulate their mission, vision and values. It launched with a brave and bold new promise to help organisations involve 100% of the best talent to solve their business problems.

We have had nothing but positive feedback on the brand, and our new look has been highly complimented by members.

Loud, proud and essential to know

The INvolve brand film brought tears to the founder’s eyes when he saw it. We used it to launch the new brand to their clients and the public in February 2018. And they continue to go from strength to strength, launching in New York six months later.