NSPCC: I’m her mum

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A people-first approach to fundraising

It’s not always easy to tell the story of the NSPCC’s work. So we’ve been working with the NSPCC to put real people at the heart of the stories they tell. In this case, Linda, who experienced every mum’s worst nightmare first-hand.

Real stories. Real people.

Linda’s words as she described how she found out a family friend had sexually abused her daughter, and how helpless she felt, were more powerful than anything any copywriter could say. So rather than constructing a typical fundraising appeal we worked closely with Linda to tell her own story. A story of helplessness turning to hope, as the NSPCC team worked with Linda and her daughter to repair the psychological harm the abuse had wrought. And backed by the words of Beverley, an NSPCC practitioner, as she described the process she took the pair through and the results she saw.

Real results

The appeal was the best performing of its kind in five years, nearly doubling the response rate and exceeding the average gift target too. It raised enough money to help the NSPCC work with dozens more families to heal the harm that sexual abuse can cause.