Book Trust: Christmas Campaign

Reaching new supporters

BookTrust are responsible for making sure every child in the country gets a book to take home from school. They’re a brilliant charity but have a tiny supporter base, and very limited budget. Our challenge was to help this charity find new regular givers so they could continue their vital work. 

The power of reading

They’d never launched a fundraising campaign before. By tapping into childhood memories of reading, we found a way to stand out in a sea of children’s charity asks and help them identify a powerful proposition – books for children in care; a target audience – book-loving grandparents; and the right media – a mix of social channels. 


The campaign raised £120,700 from 5,623 donors. Ads delivered 9m impressions and 20,000 engagements on social media.

BookTrust social media activity generated 1.5m impressions and 41,000 engagements.

We also secured some press coverage for the campaign including Stylist, Sunday Telegraph, Independent