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Players wanted

When we floated the idea of a Good Bites on Gaming, we weren’t sure anyone would come. The huge and growing gaming industry and audience have been largely ignored by the voluntary sector until recently, but there’s a growing appetite to engage with the world of play. The proof – last Thursday’s session was a sell-out.

Who do you believe in a post-truth world?

We live in strange times. The Oxford Dictionary has announced the Word of the Year as Post-truth. And you hardly have to pick through the bones of 2016 to find out why – truth has taken a battering over Brexit, been trumped by Trump, and even been a casualty of war in Syria. Adam Curtis’s

The end of the middle ground?

I did jury duty recently. If you ever want to step outside your bubble and spend some time with a genuinely random selection of the UK populace I couldn’t recommend it more. One juror would arrive every morning and slap her copy of the Daily Mail on the table with a resounding thud. It reminded

Politics, business and early adopters

It’s been an interesting week in politics, and a strange one for business. The Stop Funding Hate movement, asking advertisers to divest in titles such as the Sun and the Mail has seen huge traction. But not much in the way of results. A single tweet from Lego saying that they had no promotions planned

My predictions for 2016

Here’s what’s going to happen in 2016. The EU Referendum will result in a popular vote to remain, settling the Europe question once and for all; and enabling David Cameron to quieten the radical Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative party. The vote will end a period of economic uncertainty and lead to an upswing in

Digital should be a why, not a how.

Sneaked under the radar this week is the news that the Mayor of London’s Penny for London initiative is to close. By enabling people to add micropayments to everyday contactless purchases like their bus ticket or their lunchtime sandwiches, it aimed to raise £25m for good causes across London. After two years, the total stood

‘GOOD Agency? What’s that? An agency that promotes… goodness?’

Something along those lines! As someone with (very) limited experience in the world of work (getting through A Levels usually takes up most, if not all my time), coming to work at GOOD Agency for a week has been an eye-opening experience and has set a pleasant benchmark for when I do enter the professional

Social purpose is not just for Christmas

The first flurry of Christmas ads from brands aiming to influence our festive purchasing in their favour is quickly turning into a blizzard. Many will no doubt link their campaign to some sort of cause, but I suspect fewer will be so overt with their goodwill towards men, women, children, puppies and the planet than

What’s next?

The world has rarely felt like a more unpredictable place. This time last year, David Cameron was PM, Boris Johnson was Mayor of London and Hillary Clinton was on track to become the USA’s first female President. And, of course, Brexit was a distant, not to mention unlikely, prospect. In the world of charities and

With new power world comes new challenges, but the same responsibilities.

Much has been written about the rise of ‘new power’ businesses, at the expense of ‘old power’ models, but the responsibilities and accountability within this new approach is only just taking shape. Governments and charities are also struggling to understand their role; with trust in them eroding and technology giving access to, and commercialising, many

Fundraising events – boom or bust?

We’re in the midst of a fundraising events ‘boom’. A collapse in hard-sell fundraising techniques has led many organisations to turn 180 degrees and think about products that engage and attract people, rather than ones they have to talk them into. But any boom comes with an eventual bust, and there’s a danger that event

How to use vloggers without selling out

Joining Obama and Queen Elizabeth II, Zoella was recently immortalised as a waxwork in Madame Tussaud’s museum. Vogue’s recent fashion week even dared to replace the front row of senior editors with teenage millennials to reach out to a wider audience.  We live in a brave new world where ordinary, talented folk can pick up

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