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A brave new world of media for charities

The world we live in changes daily. This morning we tried to make sense of what’s happening in the media landscape, and what it means for campaigning and fundraising. There is a tasty cocktail of trends, technologies and tactics emerging, but here are just a few. The media landscape is in flux Remember the days

Giving Tuesday. A chance for charities to give back

Giving Tuesday – a chance for charities to give back Over the last 6 years, Giving Tuesday has grown from a grass-roots movement in the US to become a global phenomenon, tapping into the anti-capitalist zeitgeist, a reaction to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here in the UK, we’ve embraced Giving Tuesday with open arms

What will it take to fix giving?

Fundraising, in particular individual giving, feels like it’s in a bit of a mess. We can blame regulation, or the Daily Mail, or agencies, or trustees, or the media, but I don’t know where it gets us. So what happened? One answer is that we focused too hard on efficiency, and forgot about effectiveness. We

Plan A is not fit for Purpose

According to M&S, their recent ‘Spend it well’ campaign echo’s Plan A’s ethos, “on the more altruistic scale – spend it well on products that haven’t harmed the planet, and make a positive difference by shopping in stores that are helping your community.” Having let it bed in for the last couple of months, you would

Tech needs to find a genuine Social Purpose, not just claim a social good

I recently watched Secrets of Silicon valley on BBC2 with disbelief as tech companies lined up to claim they were doing social good, but none demonstrated any consideration for the potentially massive, negative social impact of their creation. Too many tech businesses, large and small, seem to have forgotten the fundamental rule of business; society allows businesses

Dear David

I’m a big fan of Peep show, so obviously, I find David Mitchell (Mark), incredibly funny. What I’m not such a big fan of, and what I certainly don’t find funny, are Mitchell’s attitudes towards gender stereotyping within the Advertising and Marketing Industry. Mitchell’s article in the Guardian, in response to the Advertising Standards Authority’s

No-one’s getting a payrise. Or are they?

As employers, we’re increasingly struggling to offer people reasons to join, reasons to stay and reasons to engage. Let’s not go into it in detail here, but here are a few signals: Wages are flatlining, while costs for essentials like housing and travel are going up (and everyone knows it). Most people coming into the

How to develop a sophisticated mass marketing approach

Stand first: Highly targeted audience marketing was once seen as the ‘holy grail’ for fundraising — but this might not be the best approach as most donors give sporadically. So how do you know when to prioritise and when to target? Andy Hyde explains more… “The people most likely to donate to you are upmarket women aged

In your supporters’ shoes

Anthropology… That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? It’s likely you’ve heard talk of anthropology bounced around the marketing world, perhaps you studied it at university, or maybe you enjoy keeping up to date on Edmonds’ latest research on race and plastic surgery in Brazil. Or maybe that’s just me. Regardless of how, or whether, you’ve heard

Is purpose already losing its value?

Last week I attended a stimulating event at the RSA on Does Purpose Pay? hosted by Philippa White, the founder of The International Exchange. Three speakers made their case for the importance of Purpose, Paul Twivy very authoritatively,  Jim Carroll very eloquently from a personal perspective and Charlie Dawson expansively, although none really answered the event

The real Giving Tuesday opportunity

Last Thursday we hosted 30 or so people here at GOOD who were from a diverse range of organisations but shared one goal – to make Giving Tuesday 2017 a brilliant success. In case you didn’t know, Giving Tuesday originated as a grassroots initiative in the US to temper the runaway consumerism of Black Friday and

A new senior management team, and a new era at GOOD

It’s been a great year for GOOD. We’ve grown, adding NSPCC, ShelterBox and Plan International UK, among others, to our client roster. And we’ve celebrated some great work including mould-breaking DRTV for WaterAid, launching Dogs Trust’s Puppy Playgroup and a new sustainability and responsibility programme for Pernod Ricard. Following on from these successes, we’ve brought a new senior

What can we learn from the Absolute Boy?

Whatever your politics, it’s hard to deny that the rise of Jeremy Corbyn has been an unexpected phenomenon that has transformed our political landscape in the last few months. With trust in politics, the media, business and charity at an all-time low, it’s time to take stock and look at what we can all learn

It’s all about the trends.

As we desperately try to cling on to our New Year’s resolutions, the Planning team at GOOD take a look at the biggest emerging trends that we think really will last all year round. Here’s our round-up of the shifts that will influence marketing and communications in 2018… Food & drink The healthy eating movement


We mean this. GOOD Agency has gone vegetarian. Not just for a week. Not just for a month. Forever? What does it mean? Well, our staff are free to eat what they want. But all our catering for meetings, internal and external events, parties and hangover breakfasts will be meat free. From now until forever.

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