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Fundraising DRTV has changed. Have you?

For a long time, DRTV for charities felt like it was trapped in a timewarp. The 90 second need-solution-need arc. The powerful but familiar footage. The earnest (always male) voiceover bringing emotion and authority. But TV itself has changed out of all recognition in the last decade. Reality TV is mainstream. Ordinary people are celebrities,

International Witches Day.

  A week ago today in 1692, women needlessly lost their lives during the Salem Witch trials due to gossip, slander and religious pretence. The word Witch, internationally, has many different meanings. In the past it has traditionally been a threatening, scare-mongering name given to women who supposedly dabble in craft and magic, colluding with

GDPR – three steps forward

The big day is coming and every charity is in a different state of readiness. Some have been clarifying their approach for months, some have already taken consent to their supporters, and some are facing a looming deadline with an increasing sense of dread. Here are three things everyone can think about. 1) Making it


GOOD Agency has been appointed by Breast Cancer Now as its Regular Giving creative agency, after a competitive three-month pitch. As part of a competitive pitch, it has been announced that Breast Cancer Now has named GOOD as its lead fundraising agency responsible for charity’s new Regular Giving mass marketing campaign. Collaborating with the Breast

No-one’s getting a payrise. Or are they?

As employers, we’re increasingly struggling to offer people reasons to join, reasons to stay and reasons to engage. Let’s not go into it in detail here, but here are a few signals: Wages are flatlining, while costs for essentials like housing and travel are going up (and everyone knows it). Most people coming into the

International Women’s Day: Gender equality, just do it.

International Women’s Day is for celebrating all we’ve achieved. It’s about recognising all that still needs to change. It’s about making noise together for a better future for girls, women — everyone. It’s not a day for marketers to serve up lazy and patronising campaigns to push product. But that’s what happens every year, and

International Women’s Day: Generation M are ready to be heard – are Fundraisers ready to listen?

As much as I hate to admit it, my life is laced with millennial stereotypes. I’ve got an obsession with indoor plants, am glued to my iPhone, catching up on the hundreds of notifications sitting in my WhatsApp and yes, brunch is my favourite meal of the day. Which generation do you relate to? Perhaps

International Women’s Day: Imposter Syndrome is that you?

  “What if they think I’m better than I am?” “I’m not sure why they’ve hired me?” “I feel like they think I can do things I can’t. What if they find out?” Sound familiar? How about Imposter Syndrome, does that sound familiar? Most of us will experience a level of self-doubt at some point

ICYMI – GOOD Bites: Change your measures, change your outcomes

We can’t Fix Giving unless we challenge and change some of the measures we use. So at this session we partnered with Wood for Trees to outline some alternative models for measuring success – and thus getting to some better, more sustainable outcomes. BREAK YOUR MEASURES When strategy is driven by measures we can quickly

It’s all about the trends.

As we desperately try to cling on to our New Year’s resolutions, the Planning team at GOOD take a look at the biggest emerging trends that we think really will last all year round. Here’s our round-up of the shifts that will influence marketing and communications in 2018… Food & drink The healthy eating movement

International Women’s Day: Falling out of love with Lego

Back in 1994 two siblings, aged six and eight, found themselves at home on a rainy Saturday with nothing to do. So, they decided to turn the living room floor into the ultimate Lego city. There was a fire and police station (complete with jail and dog training centre), there were streets of houses, a

My grandparents’ secrets to happiness

The Grandfather clock chimes in the corridor and there’s a lasagne in the oven. A stressful week has brought me back to my Grandparent’s North London kitchen table and we’re having a good old chat. The debate of the day; are people more anxious these days, or did people just keep it all in before?

The new sustainability

Where once ‘sustainability’ had a very specific focus on the environment and supply chains, its widening meaning now carries implications for everything about how a business operates. ‘Sustainable’, like ‘green’ was a term that was easy to bandy around and a little harder to nail down. A change in packaging here, sign up to the

What will it take to fix giving?

Fundraising, in particular individual giving, feels like it’s in a bit of a mess. We can blame regulation, or the Daily Mail, or agencies, or trustees, or the media, but I don’t know where it gets us. So what happened? One answer is that we focused too hard on efficiency, and forgot about effectiveness. We

My first monthly gift

Although it’s International Women’s Day, this isn’t about mother nature’s monthly gift… it’s about the journey of setting up my first direct debit donation. I’ve worked in the charity sector for almost 3 years now and I’ve not yet started a direct debit – something I feel terribly guilty about. I’ve spent the last year

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