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Putting the public service crisis in the public eye

This week, GOOD launched a new Back Your Champions campaign for UNISON. With, as it turned out, perfect timing. Across the country, more and more public service workers are at – and beyond – breaking point. Anonymous whistleblowers are writing to The Guardian, junior doctors are confessing all on Channel 4, and UNISON members from

The end of the middle ground?

I did jury duty recently. If you ever want to step outside your bubble and spend some time with a genuinely random selection of the UK populace I couldn’t recommend it more. One juror would arrive every morning and slap her copy of the Daily Mail on the table with a resounding thud. It reminded

A trip to the drycleaners

Twenty years ago I sat in a D&AD lecture hall listening to Bob Gill. Fresh out of University I was hanging on his every word. I thought he was one of the most smart, funny and inspiring creatives I’d seen. Still do. However there was one valuable piece of advice that stuck with me: “When

Sustainability, meet purpose

Lots of brands are discovering purpose as a way to differentiate themselves and build value in an era of choice, parity and disruption. Really I should say ‘rediscovering’ because for 20 or more years it’s been incumbent on businesses to have a sustainability or CSR strategy. Governments and shareholders have demanded it, because they want

Is it really time to sink the pink?

This article was circulated in an email thread at GOOD today, and it ruffled a few feathers. My mum made me do Race for Life’s Pretty Muddy event with her and a group of her friends. Women who are rarely seen in pink and never seen in tutu’s. They love the fancy dress element, the pink,

My predictions for 2016

Here’s what’s going to happen in 2016. The EU Referendum will result in a popular vote to remain, settling the Europe question once and for all; and enabling David Cameron to quieten the radical Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative party. The vote will end a period of economic uncertainty and lead to an upswing in

Purpose done properly drives profit

Yet more evidence that ‘Purpose’ creates value was published today by Unilever, but many brands are still struggling to define and leverage their purpose to generate value. For the uninitiated, a brand’s purpose is made up of two parts; the value created for customers through purchase, and the value employees and customers get through their

Pepsi has joined the Woke Olympics

Woke (adj): being aware (Relating to Racism and Social Injustice) Maybe you’ve seen the worst ad of 2017 but if you haven’t, we’d advise you not to. In a nutshell, it was Pepsi’s attempt to be socially conscious and appear ‘woke’ but they didn’t convince anyone. The term woke first arose in the publics’ conscious

The demographics question

One great joy of marketing is learning to speak to people who are different from yourself. Young mothers. Feisty teenagers. Dutiful pensioners. All people whose skins I’ve had to inhabit over the years, to understand what makes them tick. Clients often come to us questioning which demographic group they should focus on. Or come with

Who do you believe in a post-truth world?

We live in strange times. The Oxford Dictionary has announced the Word of the Year as Post-truth. And you hardly have to pick through the bones of 2016 to find out why – truth has taken a battering over Brexit, been trumped by Trump, and even been a casualty of war in Syria. Adam Curtis’s

What’s next?

The world has rarely felt like a more unpredictable place. This time last year, David Cameron was PM, Boris Johnson was Mayor of London and Hillary Clinton was on track to become the USA’s first female President. And, of course, Brexit was a distant, not to mention unlikely, prospect. In the world of charities and

Unacceptable in 2017

I saw an ad in the underground today that made my blood boil. What was it that made me externalise my thoughts? To actually put pen to paper? A 16-sheet ad, part of an award-winning campaign from a popular estate agent with the headline ‘A charming period property with a modern extension’. So far so

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