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Is ‘forcing your beliefs’ always a bad thing?

This week, people have been tweeting furiously about animal rights charity PETA. The charity has courted controversy for decades with naked protests, graphic imagery and no-holds-barred headlines. The recent outrage was sparked by vlogger Calum McSwiggan, who took to Twitter to criticise the way the charity operate and market their message. McSwiggan says PETA should

The long view.

A client confided in us recently that the move to purpose was, for one of their consumer brands, a 15-year strategy. That’s a brave strategy for anyone to put in place in this accelerating world. It’s one that not many businesses can afford to take. But it’s one that some businesses always have. Indeed, many

Legacy Marketing – getting it right, right now

Engaging in conversation with a lively audience after a recent GOOD Bites session on how to do death better, I could almost hear a sector silo door creaking open. Enthusiastic, energetic fundraisers happy to dump the preconceptions and armed with excellent insight and strategic ambition are no longer content to sit on the organisational side-lines.

The rules of fundraising are changing

The ‘rules’ of fundraising have been torn up. They’ve been torn up by regulation, by the culture we operate in and by a new breed of supporters. Supporters who want to give on their terms and get something back for it in return.  Supporters who want to feel good and not just a source of

Finding the pulse

We talk a lot about Legacy giving at GOOD Agency. A lot.  It’s a hot topic at the moment, boomers are booming and dying, changes in permissions are driving us to look at longer term income streams and we are seeing brief after brief landing on our desks all wanting to know how to engage

The ‘purpose backlash’​ isn’t taking us forwards.

It would be great if the ‘purpose backlash’ in advertising and marketing was a bit less backward looking. In the 90s & 00s I spent a lot of my career working on FMCG and car and energy and finance brands, and I worked with some great people and we had a lot of fun and

Ritson is wrong

I read the recent article Mark Ritson wrote for Marketing Week with surprise and a sense of disappointment; I couldn’t believe someone held in high regard could have such out dated views. The article was well crafted but Mark’s argument was flawed on so many basic levels. His binary view that “marketing is about profit, not purpose”,

Tech needs to find a genuine Social Purpose, not just claim a social good

I recently watched Secrets of Silicon valley on BBC2 with disbelief as tech companies lined up to claim they were doing social good, but none demonstrated any consideration for the potentially massive, negative social impact of their creation. Too many tech businesses, large and small, seem to have forgotten the fundamental rule of business; society allows businesses

One moment in time

It’s probably not something you’ve ever been asked. Or thought about. But, if you could only show your audience one fleeting moment, what would you choose? Take a minute to think about it. Longer if you need. One amazing moment. Got it? Are you sure? Just one? Great. Now freeze that moment in your mind.

Plan A is not fit for Purpose

According to M&S, their recent ‘Spend it well’ campaign echo’s Plan A’s ethos, “on the more altruistic scale – spend it well on products that haven’t harmed the planet, and make a positive difference by shopping in stores that are helping your community.” Having let it bed in for the last couple of months, you would

Some advice from a good little Indian girl

I got rejected from one of the first agencies I ever interviewed at due to ‘cultural fit’. At the end of my next agency interview, they asked if there was anything I wanted to add. “Yup”, I said. “I know I answered all the questions well. But you should know, I’m not just a good

Giving Tuesday. A chance for charities to give back

Giving Tuesday – a chance for charities to give back Over the last 6 years, Giving Tuesday has grown from a grass-roots movement in the US to become a global phenomenon, tapping into the anti-capitalist zeitgeist, a reaction to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here in the UK, we’ve embraced Giving Tuesday with open arms

The real Giving Tuesday opportunity

Last Thursday we hosted 30 or so people here at GOOD who were from a diverse range of organisations but shared one goal – to make Giving Tuesday 2017 a brilliant success. In case you didn’t know, Giving Tuesday originated as a grassroots initiative in the US to temper the runaway consumerism of Black Friday and

Masculine Generosity

We went for Friday night drinks on one of the sunny evenings last month. It was my friend’s round and when she asked what I’d have, I went for an Aperol Spritz. She laughed and said, “and you’re sure you’re not a girl?” It stuck with me because it’s an experience I haven’t had for

The great digital divide

What’s going on in digital? Once the saviour of advertising, marketing and fundraising, digital’s riven by scandal, confusion, hype and the occasional wild success. Everyone knows it’s the future. No-one knows what that future looks like. There’s a yawning chasm opening up at the centre, a great digital divide that’s pulling in two mutually exclusive

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