space inbetween featured

The spaces we can operate in are getting fuller. Advertising on a train? That’s already full. Talk to potential supporters on a street corner? Already full. YouTube? Already full of better content than yours. And let’s not even mention Dorothy’s mantelpiece.

So where can you find a media and messaging space for your organisation that hasn’t already been exploited by more agile competitors, co-opted by corporates with bigger budgets, or saturated to the point that the public no longer even notices it?

Increasingly, we find we’re operating in the ‘space inbetween’.

The bit between marketing and fundraising — where budgets come together to tackle awareness, propensity to support and fundraising metrics. As in our recent campaign for RNIB.

The bit between brand and engagement — where theory becomes practise and people understand by doing, not just seeing — as in our fundraising and engagement installation Locks of Love for the BHF.

The bit between advertising and story-telling — where amazing content takes on a life of its own — as in WaterAid’s Big Dig, where people in Malawi shared their own water stories via Instagram.

The bit between ‘campaigns’ (short lived) and ‘brands’ (forever), where stories can be told in a way that’s not dictated by channel — look at Save the Children’s ‘no child born to die’.

Why aren’t most organisations operating in these places? Because they’re not set up to. They have fundraising, marketing, brand and event teams with different cultures, processes, databases and targets. They can’t find a space between, because there’s no common language to talk about it in.

So think about this for a bit. Nature loves a hybrid. They’re the hardiest, most successful species. Where will you find yours?