We are launching a content strategy and creation division called GOOD Content, dedicated to unleashing the good in people and organisations.

GOOD Content will create contagious content for brands that want to encourage people to do good; from videos to blog posts, magazines and photo streams. The division will be headed by Nicole Parkinson, a senior business and communications specialist with over 10 years’ experience working with charities, government and business to inspire positive change.

We’ve already created content driven campaigns for RNIB, RSPCA and Cancer Research UK. We’re looking forward to the launch of a short film with the Fairtrade Foundation during Fairtrade Fortnight (23 February – 8 March 2015) too. What can we do for you?
  1. Create content including:
  • Defining the objective for each piece of content
  • Content asset mapping and seeding planning as part of above social planning and strategy
  1. Film and digital production 
  1. Content partnership brokering including:
  • Building relationships with ambassadors and key influencers such as celebrities and journalists
  1. Content measurement and evaluation including:
  • Developing an approach for content analysis including real-time tracking engaged time and purchase intent
Head of Content and Social, Nicole Parkinson said: “We believe meaningful content means telling real stories in a way that adds value to a person’s life as well as achieving our clients’ goals. It isn’t broadcast, it doesn’t preach and it isn’t boring. But we believe that it most certainly should tug on heart strings, blow your mind, weave organisations into everyday human interactions and ultimately inspire an action whether that be to share, purchase, participate or donate.”

Tell us one of your organisations stories and we’ll help you turn it into meaningful content that gives people a role in your brand story and drives them to act for you.