We’re playing catch up with consumers and society. It’s time for brands to seize the opportunity to make a positive impact – and become newly relevant to consumers and staff who are voting with their values.

But how? At this Purpose Summit we’ll share new research and thinking that looks at what’s holding businesses up, and how they can break through the barriers: 

  1. Shape positive impact for your business with our purpose prism.
  2. Understand how 100 successful, purpose-led businesses are prioritising investment.
  3. See a new model of corporate alignment that outlines the barriers to impact and inspires a way through.

Purpose. If you want to find it, align it, amplify it or make more of an impact we will show you how. Because the world can’t wait, and your customers, staff and stakeholders won’t.

Keynote speaker: Jamie Credland, SVP Client Strategy and Marketing, The Economist
Jamie will share the Economists’ latest research into brand purpose and the economic potential.


  • Candace Gerlach, Head of Marketing Communications, Green Flag
  • Vicky Edmonds, Head of Community Strategy, Kingfisher Group
  • Reuben Turner, ECD, GOOD Agency

24th September 2019, 6pm – 9pm, Arboretum, Charing Cross Rd, London.

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