The GOOD Purpose Audit is a custom-designed process that helps Brand and People leaders
unlock the value of social purpose and move forward with confidence. It’s designed to help you evaluate success and make decisions quickly and cost-effectively.

We all know our impact on society and the environment is being scrutinised like never before. But all too often the good companies do goes under the radar. Which means the gap between companies that tick the boxes of CSR and those that turn social purpose into a competitive advantage is getting wider.

So where do you sit on the spectrum? And what could you do better?

GOOD’s Purpose Audit assesses the level of belief in your organisation and the understanding of its social impact, and quantifies it against sector competitors and leaders. The audit will:

– Pinpoint what resonates most with key stakeholders, employees and customers.
– Identify what gets in the way of greater understanding and engagement.
– Map your company on our proprietary scale and compare it to others in and out of the sector.
– Provide priority recommendations to build resilience, drive differentiation and create value.


Why this matters

People do more with brands they believe in. Whether they’re staff, customers, investors or supply chain partners, they buy more, stay longer, contribute more and are ultimately more loyal and engaged.

At GOOD we know how to leverage the good you do and help build belief among internal and external audiences. We can help you unlock the value of social purpose in a way that’s authentic and sustainable. No bolt-ons, no bandwagons.


We use a mixture of quantitative analysis and sector experience to assess your brand against a variety of factors that influence belief. Then we test your brand against the three key pillars that drive belief in brands:

  1. Intent – how well your social purpose is defined and positioned
  2. Involvement – the level of staff and stakeholder participation
  3. Impact – the value created for people, the business and society

From this ,we provide key recommendations to help you make the right decisions. The ultimate objective is a social purpose that is

  • Appropriate for the business and its needs
  • Authentic, ownable and differentiated in the sector
  • Relevant, resonant and engaging for staff and stakeholders
  • Sustainable and lasting, with the potential to create long-term value

There’s so much talk about social purpose – and so much confusion. The Social Purpose Audit is designed to help you quickly understand the opportunity for your business and take the right actions.


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