International Women’s Day is for celebrating all we’ve achieved. It’s about recognising all that still needs to change. It’s about making noise together for a better future for girls, women – everyone.

It’s not a day for marketers to serve up lazy and patronising campaigns to push product.

But that’s what happens every year, and first out the gates in 2018 was Brewdog.

With their history of transphobic, sexist, and just plain gross communications – one would have thought the team over there considered maybe sitting this one out – or at least examine their motivations.

If they really wanted to #PushforProgress, maybe they could have examined gender salary parity within their own company. Maybe they could have spent the budget on creating an initiative to get more women brewing. And if they really wanted to do PR… Maybe they could have had a few females take a look over the big idea first.

Let’s not unpack the flaws in their Pink Beer campaign here, let’s examine why an idea that fell so flat, so quickly and so loudly got signed off, made and Pr’d in the first place. Is it because along with having misplaced motivations – there are simply not enough women making decisions within the company?

International Women’s Day has barely begun and already I’m tired of being marketed too. “Empowered” by a fashion company that exploits women workers. Told I deserve equal salary by a beer company that does not reveal its own pay gaps, told my voice needs to be louder by a communications agency headed by men.

My magic wish this International Women’s Day is for companies to look within and make real changes, be it in how women are promoted, paid or how (and by whom) their product is made.
Instead of companies spending budget, time and resource to communicate the fact they celebrate women, they simply need make the changes to ensure they to. Deeds last, communications and product are temporary.

Some more women in top positions, making decisions at Brewdog is not only good for females, it’s good for business. Here’s hoping they see that before the next IWD (or marketing fail).