Hashtag Donate

What is #DONATE?

#DONATE is new and exciting technology that lets your supporters donate to you directly through social media platforms like Twitter. #DONATE finally removes the barriers of giving through social so you can monetise your social following for the first time.

Got any questions?

Ready to sign up? Use #DONATE to harness the power of Twitter and turn tweets into donations.

How it works

  • 1. Share your campaign with your followers

    Choose your campaign hashtag. Share it with your followers on Twitter and ask for their support. Use GOOD Content to inspire them to donate, not just ‘Like’.

  • 2. Turn tweets into donations

    The first time your followers donate to you with the simple act of sending a tweet, they’ll be prompted to link their Twitter profile with their PayPal account.

  • 3. Retweet to confirm

    Supporters will then be asked to confirm the donation they want to make by retweeting a message of thanks. This will appear in their Twitter feed, inspiring the people who follow them to donate too.

Make your social pay

#DONATE finally unites social and charitable behaviours into a seamless experience to create a huge leap forward for fundraising in the UK. Connect with your online communities in a deeper and richer way to truly drive value and unleash the good.

  • RNIB
  • Undierun
  • Wateraid
  • Clinic craft