Since 2010 we’ve helped WaterAid build belief in clean water as the most powerful intervention against global poverty.

Our work has helped WaterAid cut through the complex issues around international development and own a territory that they’ve always been the experts in. We also helped them launch record-breaking appeals such as the The Big Dig and To Be a Girl.

Picture of a WaterAid stand tap.

Reasons to believe
We’ve helped WaterAid grow the number of regular donors by over 30% over four years.
We’ve helped WaterAid shrink the cost of recruiting those donors by nearly 20%.
To Be a Girl raised over £4m – double the target.

We’ve created several ground-breaking inserts and DRTV commercials which have helped bring clean water to communities around the world.

  • WaterAid Eric Banker insert
  • WaterAid GULP insert

Powerful truths build belief. Our inserts have smashed target after target.

WaterAid WaterGraph at Canary Wharf

Innovation is always in the air at GOOD Agency. This was the first interactive ‘aquascript’ installation in the UK.

A poster on a tube train depicting a young girl carrying a heavy canister of water. The copy line reads 'Chest pains and sores and punishing chores. That’s what little girls are made for'. Part of the record-breaking To Be A Girl fundraising campaign for WaterAid by GOOD Agency.

Campaigns like To Be a Girl have broken fundraising records and helped WaterAid build belief among a wider public.