RNIB: facing the future without fear

Losing your sight is terrifying and traumatic – and it happens to ten people a day. But RNIB can help people face the future without fear.

That’s the belief we’ve helped this respected national charity to build with a refreshed brand and messaging framework, and a series of powerful, hard-to-ignore campaigns.

Today many more people see RNIB as a relevant, engaging charity that’s worthy of support. And that’s something we’re proud to have helped them achieve.

Reason to believe
Understanding of RNIB as a provider of emotional support doubled from 23% to 46%

An image of the new RNIB brand guidelines document showing how GOOD Agency refreshed the brand to make it friendlier, more relevant and more accessible.

The RNIB identity was refreshed to make it more open and accessible

  • An image of an outdoor billboard with the message “See the need, London?”.
  • An image of a poster with the message “Living with sight loss? We’re here to help”. Both are examples of GOOD Agency’s work with RNIB.

We’ve helped RNIB build belief in everyone from potential supporters to those seeking help.


Our powerful and emotive campaigns have helped build belief in sight loss as a cause worthy of attention.