Alzheimer’s Society: the power of a cupcake

Everyone loves cupcakes. No arguments there. So when Alzheimer’s Society asked us to help them find a new audience for their fundraising events, we started mixing up an exciting plan.

We called it Cupcake Day. One delicious day, dedicated to baking, buying and eating cupcakes. Where do we sign up?

We believe in the power of cupcakes to help defeat dementia. That’s why we set about creating an integrated fundraising campaign to excite the nation about buttercream and sprinkles.

Main campaign image for Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day by GOOD Agency. It features our retro cupcaker, wearing red polka dot dress and holding a red velvet cupcake with a cherry on top.

“We wanted to create a mass participation event that reached a new audience in a light-hearted but engaging way.”
Michelle Frausing, Mass Participation Fundraising Manager, Alzheimer’s Society

Campaign image for Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day by GOOD Agency. Featuring our pink and purple-haired cupcaker, holding a matching pink and purple swirled cupcake and the headline “COOL AS ICING”. Six different cupcake styles, for Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day by GOOD Agency. From salted caramel, to glittery and flowery, every cupcake helps defeat dementia.

You don’t have to be the best baker to take part. You don’t even have to bake. But your cupcake choice says a lot about you. So we decided to focus the campaign on cupcakes that reflect your own unique style.

Everyone has a style – and everyone has a favourite cupcake. It’s about finding yours and digging in to help defeat dementia.


We brought the idea to life with a fun, shareable film, featuring our cupcake lovers getting themselves ready at the Cupcake Day Salon. Only they’re not getting your average hairdo or manicure. They’re getting ready the cupcake way.

This is the Cupcake Kit you receive when you sign up for Alzheimer’s Society’s Cupcake Day by GOOD Agency. With recipes, cake toppers, fundraising ideas and more.

Everyone signing up for day receives a free Cupcake Kit, packed with recipes to suit every style, cake toppers and fundraising ideas.