Something along those lines! As someone with (very) limited experience in the world of work (getting through A Levels usually takes up most, if not all my time), coming to work at GOOD Agency for a week has been an eye-opening experience and has set a pleasant benchmark for when I do enter the professional work environment. The instant I stepped into the building for the first time and met the team, I can vouch for them all and say that everyone represents the agency wonderfully.

I was lucky enough to have this opportunity, thanks to the Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) who helped me gain some insight into the world of Media & Communications; a field I hope to pursue after university. Getting a foot into the door kind of thing. GOOD Agency couldn’t have been a better fit for this and if anything, has increased my appreciation for the industry after witnessing how much blood, sweat and hard work goes behind campaigns that the public would probably take for granted.

To clarify an assumption; no, I did not spend my time photocopying things or making people tea/coffee. In fact, not once was I asked to do anyone else’s mundane chores which was much to my surprise as well (and it just emphasises how amazing the Agency is, once again!). Having done such tedious tasks in previous work placements, I suppose I expected the same treatment here because no one takes work experience students seriously. But much to my surprise GOOD agency did the opposite and changed my perception of this, making it an even more memorable and wonderful place to have had the chance to work in.

Working in the Planning department was more than amazing and it was a privilege to work with such likeminded people like Pete, Sara and Zak. I was given the chance to be able to get directly involved with a few of the many projects going on at the time (trust me, there are too many projects happening at once for me to keep up, but hats off to everyone for being able to keep up with it all and staying sane, all at the same time!) and it made me feel like I was truly at the heart of all things going on at the Agency daily.

But it wasn’t all just work, work, work. GOOD was kind enough to let me accompany them to the London College of Communications to observe the kind of work that took place outside of the Agency and watching them lead a two-hour workshop with third year university students was fascinating. It’s safe to say that without SMF and GOOD, I would never have gotten to experience something like that unfold in an environment that I too hope to find myself in one day.

And what to say about the people… Good people working at the GOOD agency, a perfect match. Everyone I met and was introduced to always received me with a smile on their face and tried to (and succeeded!) in making me feel as though I was one of the team, and clearly their efforts paid off because I will miss them all!

Apart from understanding how this side of the media industry operates, getting a feel for the sort of work environment I would work best in has also helped me immensely. There’s nothing better than looking forward to going to work every day and the GOOD agency has, without a doubt, set a high benchmark for me as I looked forward to going there every day, even if it was just for a week.

I, for one, wouldn’t be able to say what a work environment is like without being in one. Working in something as generic as retail isn’t specific enough to help me understand my desired field of interest, but specialists such as the GOOD agency did that for me. Something that I’m sure other students would very much appreciate too.

I would encourage other companies and agencies to consider taking on younger students because it will benefit the them in the future greatly (and might set up potential employees for the company in the future! Hint, hint).


Yumna Chaudhry