The Restorative Justice Council asked the team at GOOD to create a campaign for them that would reach and be heard by young men between the age of 16 and 25 without coming across as the ‘voice of authority’ whilst also addressing key barriers to uptake of the service.

To do this, we partnered with BAFTA-winning youth media agency, Fully Focused to create a powerful ten-minute film that sets restorative justice in the real world. Through the drama of Alex and Jay — who have both been deeply affected by a violent crime and have to rewind to the day that changed everything, to be able to move forward with their lives.

The film abruptly moves between past and present, gradually unveiling the chain of events in the words of the young men, bringing to life the profound impact the crime and the restorative justice process have had on them. Restorative Justice is seen ‘in action’. Urban youth comedy duo Percelle Ascott and Joivan Wade from ‘Mandem on the Wall’ brought the story to life through their performances as Alex and Jay and made the film highly shareable amongst young people.

Andy Powell, Associate Creative Director at GOOD Agency said: “At GOOD, we believe that the most powerful work is told in the language of your audience. And the real-world responses to the RWD/FWD film that we’re already seeing across social media is testament to our approach. We’re incredibly proud to be helping to stop the cycle of crime in this way.”

Jon Collins, CEO of the Restorative Justice Council added: “Our aim is to make restorative justice available to everyone, and we’re very concerned that some of the people most likely to be affected by crime are also the least likely to know that it’s available and how it can help. This campaign is a big step towards changing that, and the more widely it’s shared, the more young men can potentially benefit from restorative justice.”

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