Losing your sight is one of the scariest things that can happen. How will you work? Look after your kids? Get around? Cope?

Today less than one in three people losing their sight will get help from someone who’s trained to answer these questions.

You can treat that as an issue of indifference. Or neglect. But if you’re going to mobilise people to do something about it, you have to go further and expose this lack of support for what it really is — an implicit belief that people losing their sight just don’t matter that much.

We’ve created a campaign film that exaggerates this shocking situation and spurs people into action, emailing their MP asking them to fund sight loss advisers. It makes the issue black and white and eliminates the ‘grey zone’ that can surround policy. We make it clear. So that people will care enough to email their MP and demand that local hospitals and NHS services provide the support people need.

So far it’s been the most viewed film RNIB have ever launched, with over 186,000 views in just a few weeks.

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Head of Social and Content, Nicole Parkinson comments:

“We’re incredibly excited to work with RNIB on this important campaign. It’s crucial we secure funding for Sight Loss Advisors; they provide essential support for people who have just received the devastating news they are losing their sight. This is an issue that affects a great number of people in the UK but it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. We wanted to raise awareness of this issue and inspire people to pressure their MP to support the campaign. Good Content was the perfect way to put this issue on the agenda, and help RNIB make positive change happen.”

Watch the case study films behind the story and you’ll see just why it matters.