“If we were to wake up today and be told Fairtrade was gone, that would be a disaster for us,” Edson Moatchewedwe, a 45-year old Fairtrade tea farmer and dedicated father of seven from Malawi.NEWS_images_Fairtrade_1

The Fairtrade Mark from Fairtrade Foundation is the only independent guarantee of a better deal for Third World producers. We partnered with HLA and their Director Robson-Scott to produce Fairtrade Matters and turn the spotlight onto those people who grow the products Fairtrade shoppers love.

You can watch the trailer below.

This cinematic, long form brand film captures the lives of two Malawian tea producers; Edson Moatchewedwe, a 45-year old tea farmer and dedicated father of seven and Tsala Mwale, a 28-year-old single mother of one who works in a tea processing factory.

This poignant portrait of life in Malawi allows us to follow their footsteps through the day and into the night as they welcome us into their communities, tell us what keeps them awake at night and share hopes for their children’s futures. It’s beautiful and it’s brave, you can watch the full film here. NEWS_images_Fairtrade_2

Shoba Mistry, Head of Marketing, at Fairtrade Foundation said:

“This film has challenged the way we normally show our producers. GOOD and HLA’s piece uncovers the reality of life for our tea producers in Malawi. The team worked closely with Edson and Tsala who allowed them into their lives, homes and work to connect the viewer to the real people behind the Fairtrade products people love.”

Head of GOOD Content, Nicole Parkinson added:

“We wanted to create a film that would connect people to the faces behind Fairtrade products on a genuine and personal level. Being close to both Tsala and Edson in all aspects of their daily life allowed us to create a film that really challenges what you would normally expect within the sector; creating a sense of empathy and personal understanding of just some of the people behind your Fairtrade cup of tea.”