We have collaborated with #PAY to launch #DONATE, new and exciting technology that lets your supporters donate to you directly through social media platforms like Twitter.

Using PayPal, #DONATE facilitates secure payments to charities using registered hashtags and the simple act of sending a Tweet.

GOOD_post_DONATE Nicole Parkinson, Head of Social and Content at GOOD Agency comments: “It has been our mission to find a way for charities to make the most of their online communities. #DONATE finally unites social and charitable behaviours into a seamless experience to create a new leap forward for fundraising in the UK. We are so excited to be involved in bringing this technology to the sector and helping organisations connect with their online communities in a deeper and richer way that truly drives value and unleashes the good.”

We’re currently working with #PAY to launch #DONATE across other social media platforms, including Facebook.

#DONATE finally removes the barriers of giving through social so you can monetise your social following for the first time and unlock the potential of the UK’s 15 million Twitter users.

You can find more information and sign up for #DONATE here.