GOOD Agency and CharityComms have worked with experts across the sector, successfully building brands that deliver, to create a brand conference 2nd July 2015, 09.00 – 16.45.

Branding encompasses what you do, how you do it and importantly why, all brought to life with a distinct visual identity and tone of voice.

Getting it right means you can command and maintain public attention and affection to build loyal support, influence and income. A GOOD brand connects your audiences to the heart and soul of your cause, the principles you stand for and the impact you want to make.

This event is designed to help you build a brand like this — a brand that unleashes GOOD.

Our Associate Director of brand, Dan, explores how brands from all sectors are now putting purpose, impact, reward and enrichment into their brands to unleash the good in people.

Mark Sanderson, brand director for the Nike Foundation, will bring the theory to life with a case study of creating a brand for Girl Hub, a collaboration between the Nike Foundation and DFID, designed to bring together the expertise of both organisations to transform the lives of 250 million adolescent girls in countries including Rwanda, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

They will be joined by Kate Eden, head of brand, Cancer Research UK; Mike Hopwood, brand and creative development manager, RSPB; Beverley Sullivan, senior identity manager, Age UK; Seamus O’Farrell, director of planning and strategy, Brainjuicer.

See the full line up and book your place, here.